Dalvin Cook and Vikings slash Packers on the ground for 4 TDs

Liz Loza and Matt Harmon discuss whether or not the Green Bay defense is as bad as the Vikings made them look.

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Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: The Vikings stole one from the Packers here. Dalvin Cook, 30 carries, 163 yards, two catches for 63 receiving yards, four total touchdowns. Oh my god, Mike Pettine, what you gonna do? This is the recipe, and everybody is using it, including a inferior team and a player that was coming off of an injury.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I mean, Green Bay's defense is so, so problematic. And they get the 49ers next week. I realize the 49ers did not look good this week. But let's not forget that the 49ers, they're the ones who really showed the entire national stage Mike Pettine's run defense ain't it, and it ain't never been it, and it ain't never gonna be it.

So, yeah, this was like-- obviously, four touchdowns. Nobody ever projects four touchdowns. But whoever was gonna start for the Vikings, you knew they were gonna slash up this run defense because everybody runs up on the Packers.

And that's a problem because I think the Packers offense-- especially without Aaron Jones-- you probably want them to play with a lead. You want them to be in control of the game. So far, that's been the case with this Packers offense in totality here in 2020. So that's hard to do, though, when your run defense is gonna get gashed like this.

LIZ LOZA: We talked about the elements in the Las Vegas-Cleveland game. There were gusts of wind at Lambeau, so maybe that affected Aaron Rodgers. I mean, he did his best with Davante Adams. Seven catches for 53 yards and three touchdowns. Jamaal Williams in the stead of Aaron Jones had 102 total yards. And Robert Tonyan did his part, five catches on seven targets for close to 80 yards.

But this is it. And I also feel like now that Tonyan is a little bit healthier for projecting this Packers receiving corps-- you mentioned before Tonyan emerged about, what, a month into the season before getting hurt that maybe the Packers are just gonna be Davante Adams and Aaron Jones and then somebody else. And that somebody else will be whoever we figure out that particular week, whether it's based on matchups or health. I feel like Tonyan might be that somebody else now though.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, no, for sure. And it's also worth remembering Allen Lazard is gonna come back, I think, at some point. He would be a big addition, too, because he and Rodgers were cooking. Tonyan looked-- it's Tonyan, right? Tonyan the Funyun is how you actually officially pronounce his name.

I think that he is here to stay. I agree with you. I think he's gonna be a part of this offense going forward. Do you think that Davante Adams is gonna be the wide receiver one this year without even playing 16 games? That legit might happen.

LIZ LOZA: He was on pace for something wild. I was looking at stats heading into this one, but--

MATT HARMON: Oh, he's paced for like 160 targets coming into this week despite not playing 16 games, which is unbelievable.