Damage is done. UNC trustees caved on the Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure decision.

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UNC decision

Regarding “UNC gives Hannah-Jones tenure. Now comes the hard part.” (June 30 Editorial):

Can UNC reverse the damage done to its reputation? No. Caving in to threatening protests and verbal assaults will never be forgiven. Members of the UNC Board of Trustees will carry that stain to their graves

Mike Wenger, Raleigh

Walter Hussman

Now that UNC’s Board of Governors has been shamed into doing the right thing by publicly voting to grant Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure, it’s time for a conversation about removing Walter Hussman’s name from UNC’s journalism school.

The millionaire donor’s personal philosophy of so-called “objective journalism” is expected to be carved into the journalism school’s walls.

While I admit $25 million is a decent price for a journalism school’s soul, UNC needs to clearly demonstrate that it rejects Hussman’s ridiculous meddling, and return his money if that’s a problem for him. I’ll be happy to donate to a GoFundMe to make up the difference.

Todd Morman, Raleigh

NCSU players

I’m as much an N.C. State fan as anyone, but I’ve already tired of hearing all complaining from State fans and our state legislature about the no contest ruling issued by the NCAA. All the unvaccinated players had to do was take maybe 40 to 50 minutes out of their time to get vaccinated and they might have been playing right now. The protocols were clear had been in place all season so it certainly was no surprise to anyone.

John Grady, Raleigh


Joseph R. Biden is the president of our national condo board. He has recommended that we make a significant investment in repairs and renovation in order to avoid disaster. We should listen to him. We should not pass the work, the cost, or the danger, on to our children.

Reginald Hildebrand, Durham

Vaccine lottery

How easy it is for our elected officials to spend our money. Watching Gov. Roy Cooper happily give away $1 million of our federal taxpayer dollars in a COVID lottery with more to follow, is just plain wrong. The reward for getting vaccinated is your health and possibly the health of someone else. I am sure that there are more worthy places to spend our money.

Steven Metzler, Raleigh

Vaccine incentives

A lady won a million dollars for getting vaccinated. Unbelievable. It is absurd that you have to pay people to do the right thing for themselves and others. However, if the government wants to increase vaccination rates, give folks a $100 bill when they get the shot. I bet people would be lined up around the block.

Robert Wilsey, Durham

Medical marijuana

Regarding “Medical marijuana gets broad approval in first vote by North Carolina lawmakers,” (June 30):

N.C. Senate Majority Leader Kathy Harrington admits she voted for the legalization of medical marijuana partly because it might aid her ailing husband. Six months ago, she says she would have voted against it. Her self-interest came first, and I find such blatant self-interest appalling. She was guided by her personal situation, not what’s good for the people.

Fred Shectman, Pittsboro

State employees

Regarding “NC budget has some partisan fights ahead this summer,” (June 25):

It is hard to understand what Phil Berger and his Republican Senate colleagues have against current and retired state employees. These are the folks who make state government work, now and in the past.

With no raises for retirees and paltry raises for state employees, the Senate budget proposal shows a complete lack of respect.

There always seems to be an “excuse” for not giving decent cost of living adjustments and/or bonuses. If it is a tight budget year, the excuse is “there is no money available.” If there is a surplus, like this year, “we have other priorities.” Then, we see legislative staff getting double-digit raises.

Hopefully Gov. Roy Cooper will fight for his modest proposals for us in the budget negotiations. Too many times in the past the budget has been at least partially balanced on the backs of state employees and retirees.

Danny Squires, Raleigh

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