Damaged Russian tugboat "The Vasily Bekh" has sunk Odessa Oblast Military Administration


A support vessel of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, "The Vasily Bekh", a tugboat, has sunk after being struck by the Ukrainian navy.

Source: Maksym Marchenko, head of Odessa Oblast MilitaryAdministration, in a video message

Quote: "This morning, our naval forces hit the Black Sea Fleet Support Vessel Vasily Bekh, which was installed with a Tor anti-aircraft missile system. Later we came to know that it sank."

Details: Marchenko noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already destroyed a Russian cruiser, several boats, and now, most recently, this support vessel.

"I am sure that soon our military will add another frigate, a corvette, and a large landing ship to our list. And we can say that we have created – in place of the Russian Black Sea Fleet – an underwater brigade at the bottom of the Black Sea. The entire military and political leadership of the invaders is invited to the opening," Marchenko stated.

Background: On the morning of 17 June, the Ukrainian navy hit the Russian tug "The Vasily Bekh," which carried a Tor anti-aircraft missile system, while it was carrying personnel and weapons to Zmiinyi (Snake) Island.

Later, the Navy made a public video, in which they showed how the invaders' tug was shot down.