Damaging and deadly storms move across the Southern U.S.

A number of states were hit with severe weather, including damaging and deadly tornado-warned storms, on the weekend of April 9-11.

Video Transcript

REED TIMMER: These are some new convective towers, towering cumulus here looking just to the south. These are eventually going to congeal into a massive squall line all the way through central and northern Mississippi.


DARREN FLYNN: My car messed around and got stuck in that water. Trying not to come through, and he would come through. Better hurry up and get up out of that mud. I just have to tell you I don't drive with a car. It's still raining hard, though.


EVA COUNCIL: Well, we were in bed asleep. And the tornado alert came on. A few minutes later, we heard the strong, strong wind. And he said, we need to go now. As we walked across the living room, we could hear the glass going through the front door towards us.

I just kept telling God, I trust you out there, that no matter what happens, I trust you. It's upsetting as you go along, because you don't know. We still don't know a lot, yet. All we know is what we hear, the roof missing, and like I said, stuff everywhere, pushed everywhere.

It's disappointing, but it's not devastating. It's not heartbreaking. It's just stuff.

JESSIE BELLARD: At approximately 3 o'clock this morning, a tornado touched down here. And eight homes were destroyed. We had one fatality. And we believe seven was brought to the hospital.

This is unbelievable. It's devastating. I mean, you see homes that's just not there no more. It's just unbelievable to see what we're looking at right now.