UN commission calls on rebels to leave cities in Syria's Idlib

Alice Hackman
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    "UN commission calls on rebels to leave cities in Syria's Idlib"

    They need to go to their sponsor countries of Saudi Arabia and Israel.
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    "UN commission calls on rebels to leave cities in Syria's Idlib."

    Yeah, go back to Turkey.
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    "The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.” Thomas Paine wrote....meaning the Founders believed that the idea of human liberty and, therefore, the inherent right to self-government were applicable not only to Americans, but to all people everywhere... America is the benchmark. the beacon the standard bearer...those people want liberty ...
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    Hezbollah = Army of Light
    What a surprise, UN finally admitting the reason for civilian casualties is that US, NATO, Saudi and Israel's fave rebels use civilians as hostages.
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    here was the UN Chief when ISIS was beheading innocent civilians?
    All the Terrorists have to do is surrender and they will be transported to Saudi Arabia, where they can practice Wahhabi Terror and behead innocent civilians
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    Many of them are foreigners. Nobody wants them back. The biggest recruiting was done in Iraq's Anbar province, but there are terrorists from dozens of countries including Turkey, Chechnya, Brussels, the UK ...
    WE want them to stay in Syria so they can continue to destabilize with car bomb attacks, etc.
    AND, good world neighbors that we are, we are trying to occupy the Kurdish area in the NE of Syria to deny the people of Syria rebuilding money from their own oil.
    Who are we anymore ?
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    St. Jigglit
    I thought America tears down rebel statues? Not support them in Third World countries.
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    Not our problem. Keep US money and troops in the US!
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    The rebels will never leave, they've got nowhere to go, they'd be lucky to slip away alive.
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    Why didnt we think of this 7 years ago.............................. .. . . . . . . . . .. . .