Dan Campbell says the Lions lack confidence on defense

The Lions are on pace to allow the most points in NFL history, so it’s unsurprising that their defensive players aren’t feeling good about themselves.

Lions coach Dan Campbell said confidence is severely lacking on his defense, and it’s something the coaches need to instill in the players.

“Well, I know this, we lack confidence. That’s very clear to see, that’s one element to it,” Campbell said, via ESPN. “We lack a lot of confidence, and so certainly to do that you have to have production in games and have success and stop your opponents, get some stops, things of that nature. So we’re lacking some confidence in areas, and then there again we’re still making errors that falls into our boat as coaches. That’s on us.”

Campbell has made clear that he’s still confident in defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn’s ability to turn the defense around. Through four games, however, there’s not a lot of reason for anyone else to be confident that the Lions can stop anybody.

Dan Campbell says the Lions lack confidence on defense originally appeared on Pro Football Talk