Dan Froomkin's Firing Leaves Post With Glut Of Neocons

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So, now that Dan Froomkin's been fired, what's the Washington Post looking like today? I think that Glenn Greenwald neatly sums it up:

--Neocon Charles Krauthammer: attacking Obama for indifference to Freedom in Iran

--Neocon Paul Wolfowitz: attacking Obama for indifference to Freedom in Iran

--Establishment/CIA spokesman and war supporter David Ignatius: demanding that Obama do more to support Freedom in Iran and refuse to negotiate with the Iranian regime

--Bush CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden: warning that America will be in danger if CIA officials involved in torture continue to be criticized and questioned about what they did

Great. So, three columnists pimping the notion that Obama should do everything in his power to paint the Iranian dissidents as inauthentic puppets of the United States, and more from Michael Hayden, numbly suggesting that the dangers of questioning and criticizing the torture regime outweigh the dangers that torture regime has inspired.

One has to wonder: doesn't it get boring, reading this same stuff over and over again? Wouldn't a little Dan Froomkin at least bring some variety?

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That's why I had to laugh at this article by Dave Weigel at the Washington Independent, because apparently, more of this writing is on the way!

Since its launch in 2005, the second daily metro newspaper owned by conservative billionaire Phillip Anschutz (the first was the San Francisco Examiner) has struggled for an identity in a city crawling with political journalists. But since the November 2008 election, the Examiner has beefed up its staff and pulled prominent right-leaning reporters and pundits away from publications like The American Spectator and National Review.

The Examiner's Mark Tapscott's intention is to "carv[e] out an identity as the conservative version of...left-leaning opinion and investigative journalism sites." Between the Washington Post and the Washington Times, there's not much territory left to carve out!

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