D'Andre Swift

Fearless Forecast Week 2: 6 REC, 115 YDS

Projected Points: 14.5

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: So before the season, I was worried about D'Andre Swift. Would he be a great player sunk by a bad situation? Well, what happened in Week One?

Lions get way behind against the 49ers. This game was pretty much over at halftime. But D'Andre Swift stayed on the field, very active in the passing game. 11 targets, eight catches. I mean, we've never seen this before from Swift.

Obviously, it's a new coaching staff in Detroit. I do think the Packers are going to control Monday night's game. It might even be a blowout. But if Swift is going to be that active in the passing game, he's game script proof. He's somebody you can play with confidence. I think the receiving will bail him out, even if Green Bay races out to the big lead as I expect.

Let's give Swift 115 total yards. Let's give him six more catches. But unfortunately, no Monday night touchdown.

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