Dangerous winter storm lashes East Coast with snow and ice

Snow and ice are nailing the Northeast, causing power outages and dangerous road conditions. Nikki Battiste takes a look.

Video Transcript

NIKKI BATTISTE: I'm Nikki Battiste in New York, where snow and ice are nailing the Northeast. Whiteouts and slick roads from New York to Mississippi.

This big-rig accident in Missouri. Snow-covered cars sliding off roads in Alabama.

And trapped in Tennessee.

Hundreds of thousands are in the dark tonight in seven states, the Carolinas hit the worst. Duke Energy predicting more than a million customers could be without power for several days.

- Our power went out. We got electric heat. I got a kerosene heater but no kerosene.

NIKKI BATTISTE: And a strange sight in Louisiana, where icicles decorate the trees in this lake.

Back in New York, the mayor is pleading with residents to stay home.

BILL DE BLASIO: As much as you humanly can, stay off the roads for your own safety.

NIKKI BATTISTE: Central Park has been hit with more than 24 inches of snow just this month alone, making February one of the heaviest months of snowfall here in 150 years. Norah?

NORAH O'DONNELL: Wow. Nikki Battiste, thank you.