Daniel Craig spoofs James Bond in 'Saturday Night Live' sketch

Ben Arnold

James Bond himself Daniel Craig turned up to host Saturday Night Live over the weekend, in a booking that was well timed for the movie's original 2 April release date.

But sadly, the movie has now been shunted all the way back to November, due to the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus.

However, pleasingly, the movie's producers allowed Craig to bring with him some 'sneak peek' footage of the new movie to show to the US audience.

It was a spoof, of course, with Craig parodying the Bond movies and also, in his opening monologue, Fleabag (the show's creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge helped out on the movie's script).

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The clip features Bond in his happy place – the casino – playing craps with a glamorous partner.

No Time To Die (Credit: MGM/Universal)

But as his evening's gambling keeps netting him chips, he loses his cool, and soon the vodka martini is replaced with a pint of vodka and Red Bull.

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“Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make, I’m buzzed,” he exclaims.

Daniel Craig and Kenan Thompson spoofed 007 on SNL. (NBC/YouTube)

During the monologue that opens the show, Craig discussed Waller-Bridge's involvement in the movie, saying that the new movie finds him turning to the camera and saying: “The name’s Bond, James Bond. Is it bad that I fancy the pope?”

It was announced last week that, due to the spread of coronavirus, the movie will now land in cinemas on 12 November.