Russian nuclear weapons are dangerous for the Russian Federation Danilov


Oleksii Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, is convinced that if Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Ukraine, the response of the world community will be immediate and radical. He also warns that the use of nuclear weapons can be dangerous for the Russian Federation itself.

Source: Danilov on air of the programme "Great Lviv Speaks"

Quote from Danilov: "If, God forbid, even one nuclear tactical weapon is used against our country, the world's response will be immediate and it will be absolutely radical."

Details: Danilov emphasised that it is only about the use of tactical nuclear weapons, which "cannot cause a large area of ​​damage."

He also stated that the state of Russia's nuclear arsenals could be dangerous for the Russians themselves.

"Those arsenals of nuclear weapons that Russia has, are first of all dangerous for Russia itself. Because the state of these arsenals can be extremely dangerous for those who will press that button. Because it can remain there, but in a completely different form. And when Putin threatened that the wind could turn back in the direction [from where Western nuclear threats came], then I can say that it could also remain there, in those cities in the Russian Federation where these nuclear weapons are located," the secretary noted.

He also reported that from Monday the second inspection has been taking place in the regions bordering Belarus.

"As for the territory of Belarus, we understand what is happening there. Since Monday, a second inspection of our regions bordering Belarus is already under way, in connection with preparations for certain development scenarios, if they should take place on the Belarusian side. The issue is under complete control," Danilov assured.

He noted that the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, is putting pressure on the self-proclaimed President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, "so that he makes a decision to join the war, but so far there is no such decision."

"If there is, the response of our military will be immediate. We know how the attempt, which was on 24 February, ended. If, God forbid, there is a second attempt, it will end in the same way. We do not advise anyone to deal with these issues from the side of Belarus. Because it will be much tougher than it was in February," the NSDC secretary warned.


Oleksii Reznikov, the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, said that Russia’s nuclear arsenal may be well beyond its date of expiry: "If you press the button, it can explode right there".

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