Danish Military Releases Footage of Nord Stream Pipeline Leaks

The Danish military released footage on September 27 that they said showed gas leaking from the Nord Stream gas pipelines to the surface of the Baltic Sea.

The Danish military said there were two leaks on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, with a third on the Nord Stream 2.

The largest leak created a disturbance on the surface of just over a kilometer wide, they said. The smallest made a circle of around 200 meters, the Danish military said.

In a statement to Russian media, Nordstream AG, the operator of Nord Stream 1, called the leaks “unprecedented”, saying that the damage to the offshore gas pipelines “occurred on the same day simultaneously.”

The cause of the damage to both pipelines was unclear, but authorities in Russia, Denmark, and Poland have not ruled out sabotage.

The Swedish Maritime Administration told Expressen that the cause of the leak was not yet known, but added that the gas pipelines are so deep that the damage could not have been caused by a passing boat.

German, Danish and Swedish authorities were all investigating the incident. Credit: Forsvaret via Storyful

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