Danville continues to cash in on gaming

Feb. 3—DANVILLE — If you enjoy gambling, there's no shortage of options in the area.

The City of Danville has continued to see video gaming revenue increase since 2018, even after the opening last year of the Golden Nugget Danville casino, according to a gaming tax analysis.

The city's monthly average in video gaming tax revenue (non-casino) has grown from $25,315 in 2018 to $47,952 in 2023.

City Comptroller Ashlyn Massey said it's "quite an increase over five years or so."

She also said the city's received a monthly average in 2023 of $130,536 in casino wagering tax revenue and a monthly average of $19,521 in casino admissions tax revenue.

She said every time someone walks through the door of the Golden Nugget Danville Casino, the casino pays a $3 admissions tax and the city receives $1 of that.

Massey said that's a nice dollar-to-dollar comparison of how many people have been to the casino.

In December, 21,198 people went to the casino, as the city saw $21,298.20 in casino admissions tax revenue.

The wagering tax is on the bets placed at the casino.

In 2020, there were zero dollars from June to August for video gaming tax revenue due to the Illinois Gaming Board and Illinois Liquor Commission shutting down video gaming at locations due to COVID-19. According to the Illinois Gaming Board website, video gaming operations were suspended March 16, 2020 — June 30, 2020 and Nov. 20, 2020 — Jan. 16, 2021.

Massey said the city has been questioned if the casino's opening negatively impacted non-casino video gaming revenue.

While the casino wagering tax revenue steeply inclined, the video gaming non-casino tax revenue dipped slightly in July and August last year, then remained steady further into the calendar year, Massey stated.

She said every year, video gaming tax revenue peaks around May, is lower in June and then levels out from July through the end of the year.

"Our 2023 monthly average for the video gaming tax (revenue) is the highest it's ever been and that's when the casino was open the majority of the calendar year," she said.

The highest amount played and won in December of 18 video gaming establishments in Vermilion County was at Sadie's Place, 4009 E. Main St., near the Indiana state line. It had $708,000.20 played and $652,195.85 won in December. Municipal share was $2,790.22.

For the entire year of 2023, Sadie's Place saw $8,202,828.05 played and $7,488,188.74 won. Municipal share was $35,731.