‘I dare you’: CATS bus video released after driver, passenger shootout

WARNING: The video at the top of the page may be hard to watch. We do know everyone survived.

The Charlotte Area Transit System is sharing surveillance video from inside one of its buses after a shootout between a passenger and the bus driver.

The shooting happened on May 18 on Outlets Boulevard, which is near the Charlotte Premium Outlets in Steele Creek.


According to CATS, the incident started when a passenger started a verbal argument with the bus driver. The passenger then pulled out a gun, and the bus operator also pulled out a gun, and they both shot at each other, CATS said.

In court, Channel 9 learned the passenger, 22-year-old Omarri Shariff Tobias, allegedly tried to ride the bus without paying, which prosecutors said helped lead to the confrontation.

Four different angles of the newly released video show two other innocent passengers onboard when it all unfolds.

Although the videos are hard to watch, Tobias walks up to the driver and asks to be let off the bus. The driver, David Fullard, tells him it’s not a designated stop and motions for him to get back. An argument then starts.

At one point, Tobias can be heard threatening Fullard.

>>GRAPHIC CONTENT: Watch raw video footage of the shootout from four different angles below

“I dare you. Touch me,” he said. “I dare you to touch me. I’m going to pop your [expletive]!”

The passenger steps back and can be seen pulling out a handgun. Seconds later, he steps back up. The driver sees the gun, pulls out his own, and opens fire. The initial shootout happens while the bus is still in motion. The bus then hops a curb and comes to a stop.

The two passengers can be seen ducking for cover near the back exit. Tobias, who police said was shot in the stomach at some point, heads their way. Then the video shows the driver fire three more shots at Tobias, who then can be seen getting off the bus. The driver gets off, too, and fires a final shot outside the bus.

Fullard was shot in the arm. CATS fired him, saying in a statement that it’s against policy for an employee to have a weapon on CATS property or while performing their job. His attorney said he had the gun because like so many drivers, he didn’t feel safe on the job.

He is not facing any charges for now. Tobias faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injuries, communicating threats, and carrying a concealed firearm. He was given a $250,000 bond and was also banned from riding any type of CATS services.

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