Dash Cam Video Shows Moments Big Rig Hit By Pursuit Suspect In Claremont

Ahmed Shabaan, the semi-truck driver, Wednesday released the dash cam video from Tuesday's pursuit crash in Claremont.

Video Transcript

- We've got some incredible new dash cam video from a big rig that helped end a wild chase when a dangerous suspect crashed right into it.


Yes, so that was the sound of the metal from the suspect's truck when its front end was crunched, bringing the hours-long chase to a crashing end in Claremont. The truck was obviously no match for that big rig. The rig's driver, Ahmed Shabaan, was not seriously hurt. He says he intentionally tried to stop the chase, but he never thought the driver would crash into him.

The suspect has been identified as Michael Reed. He is a person of interest in a murder that happened 10 days ago near Bakersfield.