This Health Department Ranked Astrology Signs By Their Vaccination Rates, And No One Is Surprised That Scorpios Are On The Bottom

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Though unexpected, leading health organizations have looked up to the stars for help during the pandemic.

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For example, earlier this year, the Bhutanese government relied on Buddhist astrology to determine the start of their vaccine rollout program. And as a result, the South Asian country was able to vaccinate 90% of eligible adults within a week — amazing!

Now, this week, we saw another health department use astrology to their advantage. Officials in Salt Lake County released the area's COVID vaccination rates on Twitter, and the data was all ingeniously organized by zodiac sign.

The infographic revealed that local Leos are the most likely to be fully vaccinated, with 70% of the sign having received a jab. Yet Scorpios are the least likely to be fully vaccinated, with only 46% of them opting for a shot.

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And yeah, as you can imagine, the internet was kinda losing it over this. One TikTok user, who goes by @yaayeeboy, posted a now-viral video reacting to the chart, and the clip has racked up more than 2 million views.

And, of course, the comments section was very lively.

One person said "Now THIS IS PUBLIC HEALTH"
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People made all kinds of jokes about the signs.

Leos are too vain to die
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Even blue-checked users chimed in.

Come on Scorpio, this is why no one likes us!!!!!
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It was hilarious.

Bretman Rock said "As a Leo I truly can't go to the after life knowing some girl named Covid took me that's not with the fantasy"
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Some felt wronged by their own people...

as a vaccinated scorpio i'm embarrassed
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...and major shade was thrown.

scorpios' trust issues run deep apparently [skull emoji]
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But interestingly enough, these comments aren't far off, and the data actually does make some sense when you look at the kinds of personalities the signs have.

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According to Co-Star Astrology, Leos enjoy feeling important and superior to others. "They want to be the center of the universe. They want to be rewarded for being the best and the brightest," the site's analysis says.

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Yet Scorpios have the reputation of being skeptics. They "prefer to be the people asking the questions," Co-Star says. "There’s something very lonely about Scorpios. They have a ruthless view of the world. Eat or be eaten."

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But all jokes aside, some people speculate that Scorpios are the most common sign, so that may explain why so few of them were vaccinated on average. So maybe they are decent people after all.

And although most people understood that the original post was meant in good fun, some criticized Salt Lake Health for posting the data. The health department subsequently clarified what their intentions were with the post.

Salt Lake Health may have a point — people can get really competitive about astrology.

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Comment which sign you are and whether the percentile fits your personality!

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