Daughter says 87-year-old mom prayed for plumbers to help her

Just when a woman and her mom felt defeated about winter storm damages, these plumbers from Florida came to their rescue.

Video Transcript

- Big freeze coupled with power outages left this family with quite a mess. A pipe burst inside an 87-year-old's laundry room. Her daughter told me that Heaven sent these plumbers all the way from Florida.

CAPRINA TROTTER: This is some of the debris that we swept from the ceiling.

- When water started falling from the ceiling inside 87-year-old Ursula Gross's Southeast Houston home, her daughter Caprina Trotter asked for help from a higher power.

CAPRINA TROTTER: I got on my knees and I prayed, and I asked God, please give me the answer because Mom is about to give up. She felt so defeated, and so did I. So I prayed. I got on Google.

- Trotter said her mom didn't have the money to pay for the repairs. She reached out to Ecclesia Church in Houston.

CAPRINA TROTTER: She called me back, and she said I have some guys here that drove from Orlando, Florida, from Cocoa Beach Plumbing, and they're willing to help your mom fix all of her plumbing.

- Before she realized, Alex, Chris, Ryan, Matt, from Cocoa Beach Plumbing Services out of Brevard County Florida showed up.

RYAN MCKAY: The guys just got back 30 minutes ago. They drove 18 hours straight through. I flew back the night before, so I could be here at work, and they are tired.

- Ryan McKay told us they donated their talents in an effort to help the Bayou City at a time when we needed it the most.

RYAN MCKAY: To know that you actually just helped someone, that was completely in need, and they were unable to do that themselves-- it just made it a lot nicer for us to think about it, made us proud basically.