Daughter's mysterious disappearance leaves NJ family devastated

The family of the missing 20-year-old say they only have one clue: her cellphone was found in Manhattan when she was supposed to be on her way to Brooklyn.

Video Transcript

BILL RITTER: Tonight, the mysterious disappearance of a young woman from New Jersey.

SADE BADERINWA: The emotionally devastated family of the 20-year-old is asking for help after she's been missing since February 11.

BILL RITTER: The only clue, her cell phone, found in Manhattan, miles from the party where she was supposed to be in Brooklyn.

SADE BADERINWA: New Jersey reporter Toni Yates is live in Paterson with the family's plea. Toni?

TONI YATES: You know, Bill and Sade, one thing that gets parents through the day is knowing where their children are, and knowing that they're safe-- even if they're young adults and they live away from home. Well, members of the Curry family live in that house you see there behind me. Their 20-year-old, 5'2", 100-pound daughter is missing, and right now there is no peace in that home.

- Her family, her brother-- we just worry.

TONI YATES: The best way we can help this emotionally tortured family is to show you the picture of 20-year-old Nyrah Barner Curry as much as possible, and to say that they can barely sleep or think straight beyond trying to get Nyrah back home safely.

- She don't hang out on the streets or nothing like that or anything, and it's just crazy. It's going on two weeks now.

TONI YATES: Nyrah's family says she told them she was heading to Brooklyn from Patterson to a party February 11. They have not seen her since. These are the last text messages that Elijahwan says he received from his sister. He says he knew it was her texting.

ELIJAHWAN CURRY: It was Nyrah. Like, she was like, OK, I'm coming back. Coming back home to see Lani, this is [INAUDIBLE]. Lani is my neice.

SADE BADERINWA: Hey says he thinks as time passed someone else started responding. He wrote, "who is this???" "Nyrah, you OK?" And he tells her that their grandmother is in the hospital-- a lie-- to see if his sister would call, but the response was simply, "yeah, this me and is grams OK?"

ELIJAHWAN CURRY: It was a different, like, feeling I had. Because, like, usually Nyrah would keep, keep me updated with everything. And she, like, from Sunday, going from Sunday, it wasn't nothing.

TONI YATES: Flyers are everywhere with her worried brother's phone number on them. Local Black Lives Matter joined her father and family in a Zoom meeting.

ELIJAHWAN CURRY: The 11th is actually the last time we physically seen Nyrah.

TONI YATES: --hoping to reach as many outlets as possible to get the word out.

- Whoever has her, just let her go. You understand, that's, that's it. That's all we ask is just let her go.

TONI YATES: Now, those text messages from her brother's phone are being looked at as a part of the investigation. The NYPD tells us that Nyrah's name has been entered into that national database for missing persons, and also that the Patterson Police Department is taking the lead in this investigation with assistance from the NYPD. If you have any information, or you think you may have seen Nyrah anywhere, you can call 9-1-1.