Dave Lee Retires After 32 Years At WCCO Radio

Legendary radio host Dave Lee retired on Friday morning (1:46) WCCO 4 News At 5 - April 30, 2021

Video Transcript

- Congratulations to Dave Lee.

- The legendary radio host retired this morning after 32 years at WCCO-AM. Governor Tim Walz proclaimed a Dave Lee Day in Minnesota. Shortly after signing off this morning, friends, family and co-workers surprised Dave with a parade at his home in Apple Valley. Photojournalist Brad O'Reilly takes us there.

DAVE LEE: Initially, I said, when I was going to retire I'd like to do it the last time I was on the last hour. I think that's probably how it should have been handled it. I was told, no, that's not how you're going to do it. And this has been-- overwhelming would be an understatement. But really cool, really nice.


MIKE VERLO: I've been listening to Dave. I work with Dave when he was on our TV show, in the morning show for years. Dave is very down to earth and he is the definition of Minnesotan. He's just caring and a great broadcaster, very easy to listen to and cares about everybody.

- You're retiring at such a young age. Does that make you smarter than Sid?

DAVE LEE: I'm really hurt you'd even ask that question. Absolutely. It makes me smarter than Sid. Yeah. He was in that something if-- I had done his career, I'd have you know, another 34 or 35 years to go.

- You make Max cry today.

- Oh.

- I did. I owe him for all those years I used to get me was Sid. So that was on purpose.

- Yeah.

- I got Max. Got him good, I think. And then to finish off with Max teared up. You know, a man's man getting them to cry, doesn't get much better than that.