David Archuleta Knew He Had To Publicly Come Out After A Conversation With God

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David Archuleta had an important conversation with God before he decided to publicly come out as LGBTQ+.

David smiles while wearing a navy and red striped cardigan
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The singer, who is also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, opened up about his sexuality in an Instagram post in June.

David called for compassion from people of faith as he explained that he feels that he is a part of a "spectrum of bisexual" and is potentially asexual.

David wears a grey sweater while standing outside
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"A lot of conservative Christians follow what I do because that's my own upbringing and I'm still involved in that community. What are they gonna think of me now? But everyone on both sides…I was just amazed at how supportive and loving everyone was generally, for the most part, and for me, it was just a huge tender mercy," David told Today.

While the public was overwhelmingly accepting of David's news, he revealed that he also received support from members of his own church — particularly a mission president he confided in.

David smiles and wears a plain black long sleeve shirt at an event
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"I guess I was expecting to be sent home from my mission, or be counseled on how to overcome these feelings or how to fix it. But my mission president, he didn’t tell me I needed to fix it. He didn’t tell me how to change. He didn’t try to correct me. He just said, ‘This could be the most important day of your life, Elder Archuleta,’” David said.

And, most importantly, David felt that he had God's support in publicly sharing his truth based on a conversation they had while he was "literally outside doing yard work."

David wears a maroon hooded sweater to an event
Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

"I kind of went through a faith crisis for a month, when I was in the process of breaking up with this girl I was in a relationship with. But I felt so disconnected from everything. My anxiety had gotten so bad. I was like, ‘I don’t even remember how it feels to be close to God or to even have feelings for anybody.’ Or, I don’t even know how I feel about myself right now,” David explained.

He continued, "When I had that prayer, God just said, ‘David, you know I trust you, right? I want you to post about what you’re going through right now.’ And it was just so clear what I needed to say."

David added that even though he felt "uncomfortable" sharing because he prefers to "keep to himself," he knew in that moment he needed to share.

David wears a red and blue plaid jacket while singing on stage
John Wolfsohn / Getty Images

As David said in his post, he hopes that his openness can "bring more awareness" to people in the same situation and help let them know "they're not alone."

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