David Gordon Green Defends ‘Halloween Kills’ Ending: ‘Unresolved Chaos’ Is ‘Part of the Fun’

[Editor’s Note: The following story contains spoilers for “Halloween Kills.”]

David Gordon Green is carving out a new path with his “Halloween” revival trilogy.

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Following the backlash to sequel installment “Halloween Kills,” the co-writer/director now says that the feature was “100 percent” the movie he set out to make and that he’s “extremely proud of its kind of insanity.”

“To me, psychologically, the whole point of that movie is kind of unraveling things and not resolving things,” Green told SFX Magazine (via GamesRadar). “There’s a lot of people that when they see an ending like that, or that kind of unresolved chaos, they get frustrated as a moviegoer. For me, that’s just part of the fun, and then we get to come in and tidy it up with the last one. So any frustration that was expressed about the last one, I kind of just smile and say, ‘Hold tight, here we come.'”

“Halloween Kills” centered on the dangers of mob mentality and culminated in the twist-ending death of Laurie Strode’s daughter, played by Judy Greer.

“It’s funny, because it’s so subjective what people want to see with these movies. Some people just want to literally watch the original film. You’re not going to remake that; you have to do something different,” Green added. “Some people say they want X, and then when you literally sit down with your co-writers and are thinking about what that would be like, well, that’s not really a movie, or that’s not enough to sustain my interest, or that’s not enough to go back and actually go to the emotional and logistical effort of making a movie. So what is the story we want to tell? What is the atmosphere and the vibe that we want to experience that makes each of our three contributions to the franchise very different?”

IndieWire last year spoke with Judy Greer about her character’s fate and the movie’s zeitgeist-y themes. “David called me before he sent me the script to tell me what the ending would be, so I knew, and I was very sad,” Greer said. “First of all, I think it was the right decision and a cool decision. I was sad because I want so badly to go back to my family and make another one of these movies. So that was my sadness.” But, she added, The end of the movie is like an opera. It’s beautiful, I think.”

Green co-wrote the “Halloween Kills” screenplay with Brad Logan, Chris Bernie, and Danny McBride, all of whom also penned franchise ender “Halloween Ends,” out October 14.

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