David Walliams promises 'Little Britain' to return but admits it will be more 'woke'

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
David Walliams and Matt Lucas admit new 'Little Britain' willl have to be more PC (Credit: AP)

David Walliams has said he and Matt Lucas will “definitely” be making more Little Britain, but warned it would have to be more ‘woke’.

The hit BBC sitcom ran for four series between 2003 and 2008 featuring social sterotype characters such as Ting Tong the Thai mailorder bride; wheelchair-user Andy, who was faking his disablity; cross-dressing ladies Emily and Florence; Daffyd ‘the only gay in the village’ and Lucas in black make-up as a Mr. T look-alike.

Walliams, 48, told The Sun: “I would say there will definitely be some more Little Britain coming. I can’t say when exactly but at the right time and place. It was fun coming back for radio because that’s where we started.

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Russell Brand, David Walliams and Matt Lucas in the 'Little Britain' live show for Comic Relief (Credit: PA)

He added: “Matt and I have been getting lots of offers to do more things together again. We just need to decide whether it is revisiting something we’ve already done or working on something brand new or doing both those things.”

But Walliams admitted some of the show’s characters may no longer be acceptable in 2020.

He said: “You’d definitely do it differently because it’s a different time. There’s all kinds of tolerances that change... You’ve got to understand comedy for me is celebrating things.”

Lucas, 45, told The Big Issue in 2017: “If I could go back and do Little Britain again, I wouldn’t make those jokes about transvestites. I wouldn’t play black characters. Basically, I wouldn’t make that show now. It would upset people. We made a more cruel kind of comedy than I’d do now. Society has moved on a lot since then, and my own views have evolved. There was no bad intent there – the only thing you could accuse us of was greed.”

Matt Lucas as Thai bride Ting Tong in the 'Little Britain' live show for Comic Relief (Credit: PA)

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Little Britain began as a radio show on BBC Radio 4 in 2000 and moved to TV in 2003. It ran for four series and five specials, as well as spawning two seasons of spin-off Little Britain USA and two live tours.

The show returned to BBC Radio 4 for a Brexit special in October last year.

Since the sit come came to an end Walliams has become a judge on Britain’s Got Talent and Lucas has appeared in Hollywood movies including Paddington and Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland.

The pair also teamed up for mockumentary Come Fly With Me in 2010, set in an airport.