New Year’s Day is looking warm, but the first 2021 cold front is on the way

Joe Mario Pedersen, Orlando Sentinel

The 2021 year is off to a warm start in Central Florida as residents get ready to leave 2020 behind. But temperatures are forecast to drop as the first cold front of the year hits in the latter part of the weekend.

New Year’s Eve in Central Florida is expected to be a warm day with a high of 81 degrees, but temperatures quickly tick down to a cooler territory as the clock ticks closer to midnight with the low at about 68.

New Year’s Day is expected to be warm as well with Friday’s high at 82 and the low getting down to a more pleasant 67.

Saturday faces the highest high at 84 degrees with temperatures dropping to 66.

From there, cooler temperatures are forecast to stick around as a cold front moves into the area Sunday with the high hovering at 70 and a low of 54 at night. Sunday is also forecast to have a 40 percent chance of rain during the day.

Monday is expected to be even cooler than Sunday with a high of 65 and a low of 46.