Daywatch special edition: How to spend Valentine’s Day this year in Chicago

Chicago Tribune staff, Chicago Tribune
·3 min read

Good evening, Chicago. Valentine’s Day is just days away and we know that like many things this year, it’ll be different. But, it can still be romantic (and coronavirus safe).

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make the day special, we’ve got you covered — whether you’re planning to cuddle up at home to avoid the bitter cold weather, or bundle up and brave the deep freeze for a dinner for two at a local restaurant.

Here’s everything you need to know for a COVID-safe Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day 2021: How to celebrate in Chicago, whether you’re cuddled up at home or dining out

In the past year, the pandemic has limited how couples do romance. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, partners are deciding how to celebrate safely. Here’s a guide with everything you need to know to make the day special for your Valentine.

How to do date night during COVID-19 pandemic: 7 Valentine’s Day ideas.

57 Chicago restaurants where you can order out or dine in for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is notorious for last-minute shopping. That might not be a good idea this year.

Valentine’s Day 2021 is going to be a dramatically different affair from 2020, when it was the last holiday before the stay-at-home orders began amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, restaurants are promoting special takeout meals and shops are urging early orders. That’s a big change for a holiday that typically involves plenty of last-minute shopping and not just out of laziness — no one wants to give a date wilted roses or mushy, overripe chocolate strawberries.

Chicago’s West Town Bakery is spreading Valentine’s Day cheer with “Love,” “Lust” and “Infatuation” Cakeballs. Plus 14 other great Valentine’s Day gifts.

10 picks from the Chicago arts groups for a special at-home Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day in Chicago: The warmest, coldest, snowiest and wettest weather since 1871

Chicago’s wintry February does not look to be taking Valentine’s Day off with snow in the forecast and a high of 10 degrees. That would be a good amount chillier and snowier than a typical Feb. 14. Here’s a look back at the warmest, coldest, snowiest and wettest Valentine’s Day weather since 1871.

My suitors are handsome, successful and ready for love. But are they real? My journey through the seamy world of romance scams.

For almost a year, Tribune reporter Nara Schoenberg saved up Facebook friend requests from mysterious men with vague bios and few likes on their posts.

“Suspicious by both nature and profession, I bide my time and consider my options,” Schoenberg writes. “And then, dear reader, with Valentine’s Day approaching, I suggest to my editor that I reach out to these men for a story.” So, she summoned her courage, friended each and every one and wrote all that followed.

She lost her wedding ring nearly 50 years ago in Chicago. On Valentine’s Day, thanks to some history buffs, her husband will slip it back on her finger.

In 1973, Karen Autenrieth was helping her children into the car when her wedding ring flew off her finger and into a pile of snow. Parked outside her grandmother’s home, she dug around for a bit to no avail. After the snow melted, she returned to search some more but no luck. Now, 48 years later, the ring and Autenrieth have been reunited, thanks to a combination of serendipity and two local historians with a flair for solving mysteries.