DC firefighters line up to get COVID-19 vaccine

First responders with Washington DC Fire and EMS took their first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine Thursday and reinforced messages from medical professionals that the immunization is safe, effective, and essential for ending the pandemic. (Dec. 17)

Video Transcript

- Do you have any questions about the vaccine?

- It's your choice. It's your choice if you want to make things better. For me, it was the best choice. I can't force you or tell everyone, get the vaccination. I understand there's a lot of apprehension, especially when it comes to my community and my people. I understand.

But it's my choice and I had to do what's best for my family. So I'm just overwhelmed, and that's where the tears came from. I'm just overwhelmed thinking about it again. Just praying, and having the faith to know everything is going to go well.

So if I get a unicorn horn next week, then I will wear that proudly. But if it saves, you know, my people in what's going on, then that's how I feel. This is just my truth. It's not me trying to, again, be a poster child for anybody. This is just what I want to do. It's what my heart tells me to do.

- I think the most important thing for me to say in all of that is I believe in the vaccine, and that's why I'm getting it today. I want to show all of our members, anybody in the community, that may think there's something wrong with it, it's not safe-- I'm going to take it today. I think that's the message we've heard from everybody else. And I'm actually looking forward to it. This is a great first step on our recovery.

I feel great. It felt like a very minor shot, and the process was smooth. It was fine. The questions were easy. I signed up for the vaccine tracking online so that I can give feedback. And everybody can track the symptoms so everybody will know about it and know that it's safe.