DC Mayor demands change, investigation post riot

The Mayor of Washington DC is calling for changes and Congressional investigation into what happened at the Capitol on Wednesday. And says that President Donald Trump "must be held accountable." (Jan. 7)

Video Transcript

MURIEL BOWSER: I also call on the joint terrorism task force to investigate, arrest, and prosecute any individual who entered the Capitol, destroyed property, or incited acts of domestic terrorism observed yesterday. More immediately, we know that the current president must be held accountable for this unprecedented attack on our democracy. What happened yesterday is what he wanted to happen, and we must not underestimate the damage he can do to our nation and our democracy over the next two weeks.

And it's not just the president who must be held accountable. So too must the domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol and threatened members of Congress. What happened yesterday is textbook terrorism.

ROBERT CONTEE: There were 68 individuals arrested yesterday evening and into the early morning hours of January 7th. Of the 68 arrests, 60 were adult males, and eight were adult females. 41 of those arrests occurred on US Capitol grounds. And to my knowledge, only one of the arrestee's is from the District of Columbia.

However, we still have a significant amount of work ahead of us to identify and hold each and every one of the violent mob accountable for their actions. We have collected numerous images of persons of interest that we are asking the community to help us identify. These images depict individuals engaged in various acts of violence or property destruction.

RYAN MCCARTHY: At 9:00 AM this morning, we began erecting a seven-foot, nonscalable fence, which will be from Constitution Independence and First Avenue to in front of the pond right there in front of the Capitol, that road right there. So these personnel and these security measures will be in place for no less than the next 30 days.