DC, NoVa Water System Undergoes Annual Spring Cleaning

Michael O'Connell

This article originally appeared on the Washington DC Patch

WASHINGTON, DC — Starting Monday, water from your kitchen sink may taste slightly different, thanks to a spring cleaning of the area's tap water network, according to an Arlington County release.

Each spring, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Washington Aqueduct switches disinfects from chloramine to chlorine to clean out the drinking water pipes and keep the system flowing. The Aqueduct will also release a corrosive inhibitor to reduce the potential release of lead in the system.

The spring cleaning will affect residents in Washington, D.C.; Arlington County and the northern parts of Fairfax County. The water sill be safe to drink throughout the cleaning process, which runs from March 30 through May 4. Local water authorities will also be systematically flushing fire hydrants. Service will continue without interruptions.

Some residents may detect a slightly different taste in their tap water. In addition, there may be a slight smell as chlorine enters the systems. Residents may want to run the cold water tap for two minutes, use a water filter or let the water sit in a container in the refrigerator to reduce the taste and odor of chlorine.

In addition, disinfectants like chlorine that the Aqueduct adds to the tap water system help neutralize the virus that causes the new coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.