DC police officer beaten during Jan. 6 attack resigns

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Michael Fanone, a 41-year-old D.C. police officer who was dragged into a crowd and beaten on Jan. 6, announced his resignation from the police force on Monday.

Since the attack on the Capitol when Fanone suffered a heart attack and was beaten by rioters, the officer has publicly criticized the lawmakers and others who downplayed the attack, The Washington Post reported.

The 20-year police veteran officer will serve as a CNN on-air contributor on law enforcement issues. He has previously appeared on national television, including on CNN where he has warned about threats to democracy in the wake of the attacks, according to The Post.

"Clearly there are some members of our department who feel their oath is to Donald Trump and not to the Constitution," Fanone, who did not support Trump in 2020 but did vote for the former president in 2016, said on Monday, per The Post.

One Capitol Police officer, Brian Sicknick, died after suffering two strokes a day after he confronted rioters during the Jan. 6 attack at the Capitol. Four others law enforcement officers, comprising a Capitol Police officer and three D.C. Metropolitan Police officers, have died by suicide after the attack.

The Hill has reached out to the D.C. police department for comment.

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