DCPS grading policy survey includes questions about late work, academic integrity, attendance

WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — DC Public Schools (DCPS) sent a survey to the community as it reevaluated its grading policy for grades 6-12.

The survey addressed three specific points: the school system’s late work policy, academic integrity policy and attendance policy.

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DCPS’ current late work policy is that late work is accepted at any point and that all assignments are due by the end of the academic year. The survey options were changing the policy to having all assignments due two weeks before the end of the term or adding in a midpoint deadline as potential changes.

According to the survey, DCPS doesn’t have an academic integrity policy — but according to the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, plagiarism is a tier III behavior that could lead to grades being lowered.

The survey listed the following potential policies: a failing grade for any offense, including inappropriate use of AI, and no opportunity for resubmission, a failing grade for any offense but an option of resubmission for partial credit or “restorative practices.”

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DCPS’ current attendance policy is that if a student has 31 unexcused absences in any course, including a half-credit course, they immediately earn an F. The survey had options to keep this policy the same, half the threshold for half-credit courses from 30 to 15 or get rid of the attendance policy altogether.

You can fill out the survey at any point before Feb. 9.

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