Dead City Collective added to Honey Jam lineup

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Aug. 27—ALBANY — No, there won't be zombies prowling the grounds at Chehaw Park and Zoo, looking for a brain or two for sustenance, Oct. 9 when the initial Honey Jam 2022 kicks off.

But there will be, for thrill-seekers, the next-best thing: Dead City Collective.

A troupe of performers from Savannah, the Collective will bring an element to the concert, which features Far 2 Fresh, the Page Brothers Band and headliner Handsome Jack, that few in this area might have experienced.

"We wanted to add a different element, something that folks don't typically see around here," Tara Fletcher with One Love Promotions said of Dead City Collective. "This is definitely something different, something exciting.

"These guys are amazing sideshow performers, and it's not unusual to see them at horror-themed events. But they're modifying their performance for Honey Jam. This is an all-ages show, so we asked them to make their performance ... let's say a little less horrifying. But for fans of the Collective or others who might have experienced them online, don't worry. They will definitely put on a thrilling show."

Dead City Collective, who have made fire-breathing and other chill-inducing feats their stock in trade, will perform to kick off Honey Jam and will return for performances between each musical set.

Fletcher said all of the aspects of Honey Jam are coming together, with sponsors and members of the public expressing excitement about the event, a first for One Love Promotions.

"We're music lovers who want to bring musical shows to southwest Georgia, but we can't do it if the people here don't support us," she said. "We think it's going to be one of the most exciting shows around here in a long time.

With Far 2 Fresh and the Page Brothers, fans are going to see some of the best regional artists performing now. And Handsome Jack is one of those bands that's on the verge of making it big. We're excited to get them here before they break out in a big way.

"Working in radio, I have played Handsome Jack's music the last several years, and the response they've gotten from fans in the region has been huge. This is one of those shows that needs to be experienced live."

Tickets for Honey Jam have been available to this point only through Event Brite, but Fletcher said tickets are now available by phone.

"We have some different plans for ticket sales as the day of the show gets closer, but as of now tickets are available by calling (229) 206-0900. You can buy the tickets by phone and save any service charges that apply when buying virtual tickets.

"Tickets for Honey Jam will be limited, and a lot of people have said they plan to attend the show. So go to Event Brite or call in ticket requests as soon as possible to assure you don't miss this show. If there is the level of support we expect, we will do this again, and we'll bring more music to fans in the region."