Deadline To Apply For FEMA Aid For Texas' Winter Storms Extended

FEMA has already approved more than $141 million in aid to individuals affected by the Texas winter storms.

Video Transcript

- We may have thawed out, but the devastating winter storms we had back in February are still causing a major financial strain for millions of Texans. The I-Team's Brian New tonight with what you need to know on applying for help and why, if you need it, you need to do it soon.

BRIAN NEW: When Texas froze--

- I kind of panicked a little bit, rushed in the house.

BRIAN NEW: --pipes broke in homes.

- I get a phone call from my neighbor saying there's water gushing out of the house.

BRIAN NEW: They flooded.

- And then I walk in, there's insulation on the floor, the ceilings have come down. Everything was destroyed.

BRIAN NEW: The result was billions of dollars across the state in damages. And much of it two months later is still in need of repair.

ASHLEY BRUNDAGE: Unfortunately, we're still hearing a lot about the need for clean water. We had a few apartment complexes that burned down that people are still trying to recover from, and then we're seeing quite a few people that are still struggling to get their homes fixed from the damage that they incurred during the storm.

BRIAN NEW: The United Way of Dallas says while the need is great, so is the assistance. FEMA has already granted more than $141 million to those affected by the winter storms. The federal government is helping Texas homeowners with repairs and renters with rental assistance, lodging expense reimbursement, even moving and storage expenses. But to be eligible, you first must file a claim with your insurance. Then, go to

This afternoon, Governor Greg Abbott announced the deadline to apply has now been pushed back to May 20. There's also other help. Today, the United Way of Dallas announced 38 grants totaling more than $600,000 going to local organizations to help out with the winter storm recovery.

ASHLEY BRUNDAGE: I think right now more than ever it's important for people to not be ashamed or worried about asking for help. There's help out there for the damages. There's help out there for rental assistance. But that help's not going to come to you. You have to reach out and ask for it and apply for it.

BRIAN NEW: So we realize there's a lot there, which is why we have put the information about the FEMA assistance as well as these other organizations on our website at And remember, that FEMA deadline has now been extended to May 20. In Dallas, Brian New, CBS11 News.

- Brian, thank you.