Deadly Agua Dulce Firehouse Shooting Started With Workplace Feud, Sources Say

A deadly shooting that killed one firefighter and left another one in critical condition could have been fueled by a workplace argument, sources at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

Video Transcript

JEFF NGUYEN: Juan and Jasmine, the suspect's home is right up that driveway, and when you look at the bottom, you can see a lot of debris because it took so much water to put out the flames yesterday. And now we are learning more about what led up to that deadly attack.

Sources at the LA County Sheriff's Department say preliminary interviews with fire station employees indicate there was some workplace beef between the shooter and the co-worker he shot and killed at a Fire Station 81 Tuesday. One source says it seems there was an argument over workplace performance. Another official says it sounds like they didn't like each other without elaborating.

Around the Santa Clarita Valley, flags are flying at half staff, while the new GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help the family of 44-year-old Tory Carlin who was killed.

- Please stand at attention, saluting Engineer Tory Carlin.

JEFF NGUYEN: The Department held a procession overnight for the 21-year veteran. Investigators say the shooter was a fellow firefighter who lived in this Acton home. They say the suspect burned the house and took his own life after the shooting.

Kurt Hartsook was not able to get into his house for five hours yesterday during the effort to put out the fire. He was worried about his horses.

KURT HARTSOOK: Like any other animal you have, they're kind of a member of the family.

JEFF NGUYEN: Today, some of the horses that were moved during the fire were returned to the property next to the suspect's home.

KURT HARTSOOK: It was really beautiful house, but it more like a party house, you know. There wasn't like, regular bedrooms.

JEFF NGUYEN: Real estate records show it changed ownership last July.

KURT HARTSOOK: Come on, boy.

JEFF NGUYEN: Kurt Hartsook says people in the neighborhood hardly interacted with the new owner.

KURT HARTSOOK: As far as I know, he lived by himself.

JEFF NGUYEN: And according to the Civil Service Commission, no complaints have been filed against the suspect in yesterday's attack. In the meantime, a fire captain who was shot and injured at Fire Station 81 is still hospitalized. Reporting live, Jeff Nguyen. We'll send it back to you.

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