Deadly fires rage in southern Turkey

A massive forest fire raged for a second day in southern Turkey on Thursday (July 29).

At least three people were dead and efforts to rescue others and extinguish the blaze continued.

More than 100 people had to be evacuated, required medical treatment or suffered damage to property as a result of the fire. Livestock was also at risk.

Hot weather and strong winds have caused blazes to spread around the town of Manavgat, 45 miles east of the resort city of Antalya.

An 82-year-old man was among those found dead, and a group of 10 people were rescued after being stranded on a boat at a nearby dam.

Turkey's southern Mediterranean coast, a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists, is known for its scorching summer heat, which often causes wildfires.

Officials have said these are the biggest to date.

Turkey has battled a series of disasters caused by extreme weather conditions this summer, including flash floods that killed six people in the Black Sea region last week.

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