Deadly Flooding Destroys Roads in Rural New Jersey

At least 23 people died in New Jersey as of Thursday, September 2, after severe flooding from post-tropical cyclone Ida devastated the state.

Local authorities anticipated the death toll to rise as search and rescue efforts continued on Thursday, according to local news reports.

This footage filmed by New Jersey resident Katie Calautti shows downed trees across a damaged bridge in Hunterdon County.

“I’m in rural New Jersey near the Pennsylvania border, and our Delaware River towns have all been flooded out,” Calautti wrote in a tweet. "I’m further inland but my road is bisected by a creek. This is what one of the bridges currently looks like.

“The man who owns this bridge-adjacent property said the Sandy and Floyd damage wasn’t nearly as bad,” she wrote in a second tweet. Credit: Katie Calautti via Storyful

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