The deadly toll of a week in guns in the U.S.

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Between Oct. 14-20, more than 300 people around the U.S. died by gunshot, according to statistics from the Gun Violence Archive.

Why it matters: Whether by homicide, suicide or accident, each life lost to a gun ripples out into the community, leaving a hole in surviving friends and family members that can never be filled.

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Details: In Philadelphia, that number includes 66-year-old Jeffrey Carter, who on Oct. 18 became the 439th person murdered in the city this year, Axios Local reporter Michael D'Onofrio writes.

  • Carter was killed by a stray bullet while driving past a high school in an incident that also left a 16-year-old critically wounded.

  • In Denver, which has recorded 78 homicides so far this year, 33-year-old Robert Lee Phillips was shot to death in front of his 10-year-old son on Oct. 15, notes Axios Local reporter Alayna Alvarez.

  • In Rochester, 19-year-old Christian Santiago was shot to death on Oct. 20, becoming the city's 64th homicide victim, in a year that is shaping up to be the upstate New York town's deadliest year on record.

The bottom line: More than 45,000 people died because of guns in 2020, including suicides, a nearly 15% increase from the year before.

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