Deadly tornadoes tear through Tennessee

Tennessee is in a state of emergency after a series of powerful tornadoes tore through the state, leaving miles of devastation in its wake.

In the capital city of Nashville, buildings were ripped open and debris blocked roads.

By Tuesday afternoon, officials reported at least 22 people had been killed.

More than 70 thousand people statewide were without power after the storm, as emergency crews searched for victims possibly trapped in the rubble.

Firefighters reported upwards of 40 collapsed buildings around Nashville.

A journalist for a local CBS affiliate captured the moment the storm struck.


"There it is! Go inside!"

Officials opened emergency shelters after the early morning storm took some by surprise.

Tennessee representative Jim Cooper.


"It is rare for an urban area to get hit so hard. // A lot of people just escaped with their lives. They're in their pajamas, their underwear. It is a double tragedy because today is one of the most important election days."

Tennessee was one of 14 U.S. states to vote on Tuesday in the contest to choose a Democratic nominee to stand against President Donald Trump in November. Voting was expected to proceed, though some polling places said they opened later than planned.

Trump plans to visit the state Friday.