Dean Troman’s head kick knocks out Bimo Adriano at Urban Fight Night 24

Check out this vicious knockout, courtesy of Urban Fight Night.

Video Transcript

- I'll tell you what, our first round of our opening fight this evening has been cracking. For the rest of the night, I'm sure we'll roll on the same. You're in for a great night of action. Urban Fight Night number 24. Big thank you to all our sponsors, Team Body Fit especially.

- Oh! Wow! One kick knockout by Dean Troman!

- Troman, what a knockout! And what a finisher!

- What a knockout!

- Look at Troman, confident as you like from the outset has come here and done the job. Urban Fight Night 24, a good night for Dean Troman, a bad night for Adriano. There's the shin to the head. Bang. Spills to the cage floor.


- Perfectly timed by Dean.

- And just look at that. [INAUDIBLE]

- You called it. You said that every time he throws that leg kick, he's dropping his hands.

- He set him up.

- Dean just came over the top.

- You can see the hands down. Dangerous.