Deana Martin to stream holiday favorites in honor of 25th anniversary of dad Dean Martin’s death

Theresa Braine, New York Daily News

Entertainer Deana Martin will honor her legendary dad Dean Martin with a Christmas Day livestream performance Friday on the 25th anniversary of his death.

The interactive performance of holiday favorites will start at 4 p.m. ET. Dean — a singer, actor, comedian and Rat Pack member — died on Christmas Day in 1995 at age 78.

His 72-year-old daughter followed in her dad’s footsteps and pursued a singing and acting career, also becoming an author and licensed pilot.

Deana has been broadcasting over Facebook throughout the pandemic, eager to continue engaging with her audience, she said in press release.

“I am thrilled and delighted to have such loyal fans,” she said. “At the beginning of the year, when the live shows were all canceled, we decided not to stop. I wanted to still interact with my audience and what better way to do so than to livestream? So, we put our iPhone on a tripod.”

Last Friday was her 40th consecutive show.

“Although this year has been different, we are so blessed to stay active and engaged!”

Her manager said the livestreams are more intimate than her live performances.

“They know she’s live, and when there’s a mistake she just laughs about it, and it’s part of the show,” Martin’s manager, John Griffeth of Studio A Productions, said in a statement. “Everyone feels she is performing just for them ... because she is. She just wants to make people happy and allow them to escape for a few minutes every Friday. It’s personal and from the heart.”