Deaths Of Woman, 12-Year-Old Girl In Shrewsbury Under Investigation

Police were called to Ladyslipper Drive on Friday morning.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news. Investigators in Shrewsbury are investigating the deaths of a 49-year-old woman and her 12-year-old daughter.

Now, the Worcester County DA says police were called to Ladyslipper Drive in Shrewsbury this morning where they found the woman and they rushed her to the hospital. She died at the hospital.

While they were searching the home, they found the body of the 12-year-old girl.

Authorities have not released any names. They say there are family members who are out of the country and they need to reach them.

We do have a crew working this story, and we're going to bring you new information tonight on "WBZ News at 10:00" and after the basketball game.