Deep Rock Galactic Review - Just One Moria Time! - Xbox One X

In this Deep Rock Galactic review, we show why its gameplay is second to none. Now that Deep Rock Galactic has released, we delve into the character classes, the synergy, and the play experience. Dwarven hijinks abound as we through all seriousness aside and give ourselves over to the joy of discovery. An ancient philosopher once asked, “Is it better to have a video game that does one thing absolutely perfectly, or one that does many things really well?” Deep Rock Galactic is certainly a strong example of why the former often wins out. You see, with simple game concepts like those found behind “Tetris” or “Beat Saber”, the joy comes not from the depths of its mechanics, but from the moment to moment gameplay. Now after four years in development and over two years in Early Access, it’s finally released. I decided to take the plunge and I’m really sorry I waited. Deep Rock Galactic is not only simple to understand and easy to play, but immensely fun. Please SUBSCRIBE and follow us on TWITTER: