Deer with arrow in its side found wandering neighborhood in Washington, photos show

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police

Someone shot a deer with an arrow in Washington and it got stuck, photos show.

A deer with an arrow in its side was recently spotted wandering a Skagit County neighborhood, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said.

Wildlife officers got a call about the deer and went to help. They did not say how long the arrow may have been stuck in the deer’s body.

“The deer was located and immobilized so that the injury could be assessed and the arrow removed,” wildlife officials said Feb. 10 on Facebook.

Wildlife officials did not say if the deer had any lasting injuries from the arrow, but it was set free in a different location that was “more suitable.”

“In the event of a public safety issue, wildlife violation, or an injured or dangerous animal, please call the (Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife) Enforcement office,” officials said.

Deer have been known to get tangled or stuck in items as they wander near people.

Across the western U.S., deer and elk have been spotted with plastic trash can lids on their heads or tires around their necks.

Deer can often become so focused on finding a mate during the winter that they become tangled in ropes, lights and other hanging objects, Colorado wildlife officials said.

In some cases, entanglements can become serious for the animal because it could die. It is also extremely stressful for the animal to frantically try freeing itself from whatever it may be wrapped in, wildlife officials said.

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