Deer photobombs couple's engagement shoot: 'We were scared for our lives'

A couple's engagement shoot was interrupted by a deer. (Credit: Eldina Kovacevic/Inna Kova Photography)

An engagement photoshoot was interrupted when a furry friend wanted to join in — and photobombed the couple’s romantic poses.

Eldina Kovacevic, photographer for Dori Anne and Austin Swiercz, captured the moment during their shoot on July 23 in Saugatuck, Mich. But while the pair is smiling in their photos, they were “literally terrified” when the deer first approached them.

“This deer is known to be friendly around the area, but we didn’t know that,” Dori tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We were scared for our lives. I don’t think I’ve ever felt Austin’s heart beat faster. We were terrified.”

Kovacevic recounts how she first noticed the deer to the right of her frame, and had to tell the couple not to panic.

“The deer came right behind Austin and sniffed his shoulder,” the photographer says. “You can see Austin’s face — he just kind of freaked out, and my heart was racing too, I was trying not to move but still wanted to take some shots.”

The Detroit Free Press reports that this isn’t the first sighting of a tame deer that has shocked people in the Saugatuck area. A deer, which Kovacevic believes is the same one, interrupted a proposal photoshoot recently and “mingled with beachgoers” on the Fourth of July weekend.

According to the photographer, the deer “hung around” them for a good 10 minutes. Kovacevic posted the photos on Facebook July 24, and the post immediately went viral.

“It’s not everyday a deer photobombs your engagement session,” Kovacevic wrote. “I mean this was probably the coolest thing ever & Dori and Austin were the perfect couple to experience this, they took it like champs!”

People were quick to point out how fairytale-like the photos looked. “Sooo is this how you get inducted to be a Disney princess?!” someone wrote.

Another added: “Wow! An enchanted photoshoot with the perfect setting. I love how they adapted and incorporated into their sweet!”

Some even thought that the deer’s arrival was a “sign” for the young couple from “heaven up above.”

One person commented: “Someone has guardian angel, your sign has been sent! This couple has been blessed by mother nature!”

Another wrote: “Wow, way too awesome!! So fortunate that all the right pieces fell into place to have and have a record of such an awesome experience. I believe it's a great sign for this beautiful young couple. God Bless them and their marriage.”

Dori agreed with the comments, and tells Yahoo Lifestyle that “honestly, as cheesy as it sounds,” she sees the deer as a possible sign.

“I just lost my grandma,” Dori shares. “Austin was the first guy she was like, ‘Okay, I approve of that.’” Dori adds, “We both also recently got baptized.”

Their wedding is scheduled to take place on Nov. 2, and the couple is considering thinking of ways to include the deer in their festivities.

“We have ‘Cheers to Swiercz — which is Austin’s last name — what if we made it ‘Cheers to Deers’?” Dori says. “My brother was joking around and he suggested saying, ‘He found doe,’ instead of, ‘He found Dori.”

All jokes aside, the couple is thankful that it was such a positive experience — and that the photos turned out well. “I thought it would be full of fear on our faces,” says Dori.

She adds: “We’ve just really appreciated all the love and support we’ve gotten. People commenting like, ‘Oh I see the love in their eyes’ and wishing us a good marriage.”

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