This is the defender Carmelo Anthony "couldn't f*** around with"

Jonathan Warner

Everyone is doing what they can to pass the time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Carmelo Anthony is no different. And while being stuck at home is less than ideal, Carmelo has been using his Instagram influence to kick back and drink wine with close friends.

In his latest Instagram live session, which he calls "#WhatsInYourGlass", Carmelo was joined by entrepreneur, author, speaker, wine critic and Internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk aka "Garyvee".

During this hour-long conversation filled mostly with talking about win and drinking it, too, Garyvee asked Melo a question that made him stop and think: "Who was the toughest defender you ever faced?"

His answer? Metta World Peace.

You could't f*** around with him. You had to GO! You wasn't-- like imma take time my time imma get into the game.. no. It become, for me, more mental than physical on how to beat him.

Melo also explained how he had problems with "smaller" guys on the court, too, and that the referees wouldn't call some flops that were going on in the game when he was trying to gain a position in the low post. Melo also revealed that ultimately the way to stopping a great player is team defense.

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This is the defender Carmelo Anthony "couldn't f*** around with" originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest