Defense Express: Russia uses new 1.5-ton gliding bombs on Ukraine for first time

Russia has reportedly used new 1.5-ton UPAB-1500B gliding bombs designed to hit highly protected objects at up to 40 kilometers against Ukraine, according to Ukrainian military-focused media outlet Defense Express, citing its own unnamed sources.

The guided bomb, first unveiled at a Russian arms expo in 2019, has since undergone full testing, been delivered to the Russian air force, and received its first orders for export, the article said.

According to its state-owned manufacturer, the bomb carries a 1,010 kg concrete-piercing high-explosive payload.

The use of the bombs was reportedly recorded a few weeks ago in Chernihiv Oblast, according to Defence Express. The targets were not specified.

Russia has made extensive use of air-dropped bombs in invasion of Ukraine, most notoriously in its strike on a drama theatre in Mariupol in Donetsk Oblast on March 16 last year, killing hundreds of civilians sheltering inside.