Defense Minister Reznikov on new AA systems coming to Ukraine

HAWK air defense system, which the USA can transfer to Ukraine
HAWK air defense system, which the USA can transfer to Ukraine

At the latest Ramstein-format meeting of NATO Defense Ministers, Ukraine communicated that air and missile defense is its top priority, according to the minister.

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“Our partners got a handle on it,” said Reznikov.

“Today, they are also determined to secure our skies: HAWK 23 systems were recently announced. As you know, German IRIS-T systems are now in operation as well. NASAMS systems – along with trained crews – are currently en route. Also, we are about to receive a Crotale system from our French partners. Other air defense systems are under discussion right now.”

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He added Kyiv would continue receiving artillery shells and ammunition for multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), as part of the long-term international support of Ukraine in its war against the Russian invasion.

“Today, everything is being discussed: hubs for repairs and maintenance, developing and procuring weapons Ukraine needs from their manufacturers, on a long-term basis,” Reznikov added.

“Everyone is aware that Ukraine’s upcoming victory wouldn't mean the end of this assistance.”

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On Oct. 13, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that Spain would transfer four HAWK air defense systems to Ukraine.

Raytheon Technologies – the American company that produces the NASAMS – announced on Oct. 25 that the first two units were delivered to the U.S. and are ready to be transferred to Ukraine.

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The United States will provide Ukraine with NASAMS systems in the near future, as announced by the Pentagon on Oct. 24.

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