Defense witness says Chauvin's actions were 'objectively reasonable'

On Tuesday in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd's death, a use-of-force expert said Chauvin was justified in restraining Floyd. Witness for the defense Barry Brodd said a "perfectly compliant" suspect would have been "resting comfortably" on the pavement during an arrest.

Video Transcript

- What part of this is not compliant?

BARRY BRODD: So I see his arm position in the picture that's posted.

- Right.

BARRY BRODD: You know, a compliant person would have both their hands in a small of their back and just be resting comfortably versus, like, he's still moving around.

- Did you say resting comfortably?

BARRY BRODD: Or laying comfortably.

- Resting comfortably on the pavement?


- At this point in time when he's attempting to breathe by shoving his shoulder into the pavement.

BARRY BRODD: I was describing what the signs of a perfectly compliant person would be.

- So attempting to breathe while restrained is being slightly non-compliant.