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Deion Sanders shares his top wide receivers in the NFL and his tips for guarding Tyreek Hill and Mike Evans

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Yahoo Sports senior NFL writer Terez Paylor spoke with Pro Football Hall of Fame and Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders about his top receivers in the NFL, the opportunities he’s helping to create at Jackson State, and his tips for how to guard the best offensive weapons in the Super Bowl.

Deion Sanders joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Frito-Lay.

Video Transcript


TEREZ PAYLOR: OK, we're here with two-time Super Bowl champion, a six-time All-Pro selection, an eight-time Pro Bowler, and a Pro Football Hall of Famer. Cornerback Deion Sanders is joining us on behalf of Frito-Lay. First of all, how are you doing today? And second of all, why don't you tell us a little bit about why you're joining us today.

DEION SANDERS: First of all, I'm happy. I'm elated to be representing Frito-Lay, this phenomenal Super Bowl spot, "Twas the Night Before the Super Bowl" will be epic. It will be memorable. It comprises 22 Super Bowl rings in itself. It's awesome. I had a pleasure and I'm thankful that they chose me to be in this spot that is going to be memorable.

TEREZ PAYLOR: That's awesome, man, that's awesome. I can't wait to see it. Hey, quick question to you about football, I'm from a HBCU, OK? I went to Howard University. So Deion, it's hard not to look at the talent you've brought in to Jackson State. And I'm curious, you know, what type of opportunities do you think-- yup, yup, yeah, you should drop that on. There we go. What kind of--

DEION SANDERS: You mention Howard could maybe do that, you maybe do that.

TEREZ PAYLOR: There we go, there we go. What type of opportunities do you think are there for, you know, African-American student athletes? And do you see, talking to these kids, maybe more of a willingness to entertain coming to HBCUs, just based on your recruiting experiences right now?

DEION SANDERS: Well, we're just not thinking about the opportunities for NFL and professional sports. That's apparent. We know that. We're trying to allow our students and athletes to understand the opportunities with business, to partner with the Walmarts, the Frito-Lays, the Pepsis, the Under Armors, the Barstools, so many Fortune 500 companies that we're bringing to the table to speak into the lives and to give them opportunities of employment.

I'm not foolish enough to think that the major percent of these kids are going to matriculate into the professional levels of sports. But they can be professionals. They can be community activists. They can provoke change in the city, in the culture, in the whole country, and bring that heat and let these kids know, they can make it, man. That's what I'm about, yeah.

TEREZ PAYLOR: You don't rank corners, but you will name receivers you like--


TEREZ PAYLOR: --that you respect.


TEREZ PAYLOR: You mentioned Davante Adams. You called him a grown man.


TEREZ PAYLOR: Tyreek Hill, grown man. I just kind of want like an updated-- or I would like an updated--

DEION SANDERS: Updated list?

TEREZ PAYLOR: --updated list.

DEION SANDERS: DeAndre Hopkins is one.


DEION SANDERS: He's number one by far. Davante is a bad boy now. Julio fell down a little bit because Julio has been injured, injured, injured. Like, come on. I need you on the field. Cheetah, man, that cheetah is a grown man. The thing about that cheetah, he's so grown and he does what he does. But you got to say but. He's on the field with several other dogs that you've got account for.

TEREZ PAYLOR: That's tough.

DEION SANDERS: DeAndre Hopkins is on the field with who? Who? Like, and he's been-- you can only named his last quarterback. Like he has played with 18 different arms and he's still DeAndre Hopkins.


DEION SANDERS: So that's why I give him the nod.

TEREZ PAYLOR: Mike Evans, like if you had to defend him real quick, what would you do--

DEION SANDERS: Mike Evans is a big boy. I've got to put pressure on him. I'm going to bump him.


DEION SANDERS: Tyreek, I got to make him work. See the thing about Tyreek, Tyreek can score from anywhere on the field. And that's a threat to most corners. Most corners can't run like that. I can.

TEREZ PAYLOR: Got you. Got you.

DEION SANDERS: So you're going to have to run some routes today. Because I ain't scared of that.


DEION SANDERS: And he can. And he can. And he's a dog. And I love him. Who's the third one?


DEION SANDERS: I ain't trying to get up there with no Kelce. I ain't trying to deal with no Travis Kelce. That ain't my responsibility. That's not my job.


DEION SANDERS: All right [INAUDIBLE] my weight limit. I'm not fighting Tyson. I'm gonna fight Holyfield.


DEION SANDERS: You ain't getting me-- you ain't putting me with Floyd, man, please. Conor McGregor, [INAUDIBLE]. I ain't doing that. Hey, my brother, I appreciate you. I admire you. I respect you. You can have me any time you want, man.

TEREZ PAYLOR: Hey, I appreciate you too, Coach Prime, appreciate you back.

DEION SANDERS: God bless you, man.