Delaware approves increased spending for landfill

Jan. 25—The Delaware County Board of Supervisors approved several resolutions during a quick meeting Wednesday, Jan. 25, including paying for cost overruns for ta landfill expansion project.

The Delaware County Solid Waste Management Facility in Walton is undergoing a lateral expansion, which will add another 40 to 60 years' capacity to the landfill, a previous Daily Star article said.

According to the resolution, due to some unforeseen issues and design changes, the following changes have been made and agreed upon between the county and its contractor, Marcy Excavation Services LLC, totaling $125,040.76:

—Modifications to dual contained HDPE wet well at Pump Station 3 totaling $6,722.20.

—Additional force main fittings and addition of insulation given force main bury depth totaling $14,354.03.

—Modification to Cell 4S subgrade based on actual location of existing Cell 4 line totaling $24,183.22 (includes credit of $10,125.00).

—Credit to Owner for use of blended on-site soil instead of specified and imported basin soil totaling $8,943.00.

—Additional work to address unforeseen conflict at crossing of new 6/10 dual contained force main with existing 6/10 dual contained force main totaling $2,977.08.

—Additional work to address unforeseen removal of buried tires and additional subgrade backfill totaling $65,000.00.

—Additional work for unforeseen repair of existing Cell 4 secondary liner totaling $3,647.23.

According to the article, the contents of the oldest landfill segment, Cell One, will be excavated and relocated into a subcell adjacent to Cell Four in what is technically known as a reclamation process.

Cell One was the first cell established at the Walton facility in 1977 and does not have a liner system to protect the earth beneath the landfill from the refuse packed in it, the article said.

In addition to approving changes to the solid waste facility project, supervisors approved the following resolutions:

—Accepting funds from the state Health Care Worker Bonus Program for qualified employees in the sheriff's department, public health, mental health and office for the aging totaling $72,125.50.

—Accepting a $33,808 grant from the A. Lindsey & Olive B. O'Connor Foundation for the winter youth employment and training program.

—Accepting a $13,178 grant from the O'Connor Foundation for the lifeguard certification program.

—Approving a bid of $361,000 for the asbestos abatement of 31 homes in Sidney that were bought to be demolished for flood mitigation.

—Approving the income guidelines for senior citizens' real property tax exemptions.

—Setting a public hearing for 1 p.m. Feb. 22 for changes to Agricultural District No. 6. The modifications include adding 149 acres in the town of Hancock while removing 580, and adding 147 acres while removing eight acres in the town of Colchester. The town of Hamden has no changes.

Vicky Klukkert, staff writer, can be reached at or 607-441-7221.