Delaware Blue Coats vs. Salt Lake City Stars - Game Highlights

Watch the Game Highlights from Delaware Blue Coats vs. Salt Lake City Stars, 03/05/2021

Video Transcript

- Malcolm Miller misfires. Already good transition defense for the Stars.

- Jordan Bone.

- But it's Bone blowing by for 2.

Still can't connect. Every single shot for the Stars is from--

- Rayjon--

- --distance as Tucker--

- --Tucker.

- --muscles one in.

Only a 15-game season packed into 15. Brownridge, from the corner, is fouled, and he gets it to go.

- Jared Brownridge for 3.

- Scott flips it up, and it's Gill with a Jamaican jam.

Big reason why they currently hold a 4-point lead. Benlevi, top of the key. Book it. It rattles in for Malik Benlevi.

Frazier II took a bump and lost the basketball. Three on one the other way. Hughes going coast to coast with the finger roll.

Final seconds. Hughes. It goes!

- Score the basket. 3 points.

- Prayer answered for Elijah Hughes. Not the first time he's done that in his career, huh uh. Not everything's gone down for Hughes in the first half, but this one put a smile on his face. That one.

Bey and Josh Green from the Dallas Mavericks. Hasn't been easy. But, again, 3 and 3 in their last 6.

- Paul Reed.

Frazier II working the two-man game with Rabb. Tucker, end of the shot clock, finally--

- 3-point basket.

- Again, you almost scratch your head and wonder. I know, analytics. But both these teams, when they've gone on runs and have looked their best tonight, they've worked it inside like this.

Sometimes have to wonder. Brownridge on the drive.

- Paul Reed--

- Nice feed to Reed for 2.

- --from Jared Brownridge.

- Bey sinks a triple.

- 3-point basket.

- Bone responds with a triple of his own.

Reed too strong. Now Jones lobs it upstairs.

- Rayjon Tucker.

- Tucker to the top floor, and it's a nice alley-oop.

Reed gives it up to Bone. Trying to step through.

- Paul--

- No, but Reed--

- --Reed.

- --with the flush.

- --found it around the rim. Even when they miss, guess who's there to clean it up.

We went back and forth for those three quarters, but it's Delaware that ultimately pulls ahead and takes this one 93-83.

- The final score--