Delaware County set to open mass vaccination drive-thru site

A drive-thru mass vaccination site is opening in Delaware County this weekend. Here's what you need to know.

Video Transcript

- For months, public officials in Delaware County have been complaining that the county isn't getting its fair share of vaccines. Well, they are not complaining anymore. Let's go live to Action News reporter Dann Cuella at Delaware County Community College in Marple Township. Dann, big doings there.

DAN CUELLA: That's right, Jim. After a lot of back and forth with the Commonwealth, Delaware county's hard fight has finally paid off. The large scale mass vaccination site here at Delaware County Community College will be fully operational each weekend for as long as needed. When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, DelCo has gone from famine where doses were hard to come by, to feast, meaning more doses than they've ever seen before. And as a result, they'll be finally opening their first mass vaccination site, a drive-thru operation on the grounds of Delaware County Community College.

MONICA TAYLOR: Very excited about it. Ah, this week, we're going to do about 4,500 doses over the weekend, um, with the site having a max capacity of about 6,000 a day. This week, Delaware County received 21,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, as well as 7,000 more doses of Moderna, and 2,340 doses of Pfizer. Each week, they'll receive about 20,000 doses for residents who had been frustrated trying to sign up for vaccines that just weren't there. That is great news. Delores Ranelli says her daughter called her all excited.

DELORES RANELLI: She said, I got good news, mom. I said, what did you do? Hit the lottery? She said, no, [LAUGHS] I finally got appointments for us out at Delaware County Community College to get the vaccine on Sunday.

DAN CUELLA: Wow. So you're going, huh?

DELORES RANELLI: Oh, yeah. I-- I'm 83.


NATALIE DEZZI: I think that's excellent. I think it'll-- it'll bring a lot of people some peace. Um, a lot of people will probably leave their houses more, and interact more, and shop more.

DAN CUELLA: To date, the county has administered over 50,000 doses of vaccine. It now has a goal of vaccinating 140,000 more people in the next seven weeks. Shots will be administered by appointment only, but they'll be making it easier for you to sign up for your appointment at After being shortchanged on vaccines for over a month, Natasha Bentley says she can't wait for her and her daughter to get vaccinated.

NATASHA BENTLEY: Whatever I got to do, if I got to get vaccinated, she got to get vaccinated, we do what we got to do.

DAN CUELLA: And they will begin setting up the site tomorrow morning, and then it will be open for those with appointments only every weekend until the job is done beginning this Saturday. Live here in Marple, I'm Dann Cuella, Channel 6, Action News. Jim?

- Thank you, Dan.